Customer Advisory - Import Control System 2 (ICS 2) – Changes of EU ENS and Guidance

Dear Valued Customer,

Submitting Entry Summary Declaration (ENS) to EU Customs for cargoes entering EU has been conducted since 2011. To protect the security of its citizens and single market, EU Customs is implementing a new customs pre-arrival security and safety program, named as Import Control System 2 (ICS 2). It covers EU, Switzerland, Norway and Northern Ireland for cargoes entering these areas.

To comply with the new regulation of EU ENS, we would like to inform you that YML had requested a grace period time and will transmit the data to ICS 2 with effect on 4 Nov, 2024. However, customers are requested to provide the new required information in their shipping instructions to YML as from 1 Sep, 2024 for warming up before implementation.


New Requirements:  

-Detailed address of Buyer & Seller1: Required for EU import shipments. Not required for FROB shipments.
-Supplementary declarant (SUD)2: The EORI of the supplementary declarant (self-filer) is required.
-6-digit HS code: The latest version of WCO code list must be used.
-EORI of the Consignee: Should be provided if available. Otherwise, all address details, including P.O. Box Number, City name, Postal Code, Sub-division Code, must be complete and accurate.
-CUS code: Required for harmless and DG chemicals (if included in ECICS/ European Customs Inventory of Chemical Substances).
-Adequate descriptions of goods: You may check the “Unacceptable goods descriptions guidance’’ on our website.

* Note 1 & 2 – For EU import cargoes : Either [Buyer & Seller] or [SUD] must be provided, depending on what information that customer would like to declare. 


Any insufficient information would result in late EU ENS filing or be rejected by EU Customs. In such cases, YML may receive the notifications from EU Customs like “Do Not Load (DNL)” or “Requested for additional information (RFI)”. Therefore, YML will practice “No MRN, No Load” to make sure the declaration goes smoothly. We appreciate your cooperation in providing complete and accurate shipping instructions timely before each local cut-off day.


Click here to learn more about ICS 2 Release 3 from European Commission’s website.


Thanks and best regards,

Yang Ming Marine Transport Corp.