You can submit new booking and review your booking history.

  • Create/manage new booking on line.
  • Create Booking template for future use.
  • Maintain the business partners.

You can refer to regulation, submit VGM & inquiry VGM history.

  • VGM regulation and Q&As
  • Container Tare Weight Query
  • VGM Submit
  • VGM Submit History

Allow you to view contents of all your b/ls whenever necessary.

  • The B/L contents is for your reference only.
  • Only the S/C holder and B/L parties can view the B/L contents.

Shipment Management provides integrated functions, from export view, to assist authorized members in managing their booking and documentation process for bookings made within 2 weeks of a specific date.
If a particular booking is not listed, please check with YM local office if you are “booking customer” for the booking in question.
Major functions:

  • Display Booking or B/L Processing status
  • Next available action
  • Link to more function and cargo tracking

This feature allows you create template and have report sent to you on weekly or monthly basis at your preference. So manage your shipments can be very easy.

  • Shipment Track – customize your shipment track by selected conditions.
  • Report – create shipment report by the status of booking, on board, cargo discharge/arrival, etc.
  • Notification – auto notifications to provide events, exceptional conditions, vessel arrival/departure, ISF info, etc.

You can submit and manage the requests for quotation on-line.

  • Send a new request for quotation on-line and it will be processed within two working days.
  • Accept the quotation or make a counter offer.
  • View the RFQ status and quotation history.

This feature provides you with the following online functions:

  • View your drop off rate table
  • Apply to change drop off depot
  • Cancel your drop off application
  • View your drop off application