Suggestions and Complaints

Regulations Governing the Audit Committee’s Handling of Stakeholder Suggestions and Complaints

All of the stakeholders are encouraged to voice their suggestions at any time and in an appropriate manner that are conducive to Company’s business development. The stakeholders may in the same fashion offer their feedback on the Company’s operation and financial status or the major decisions that could impact their rights and interests. As to matters of potential fraud and corruption, the stakeholders may directly contact the Audit Committee to submit their suggestions or file a complaint so as to safeguard their legal rights and interests and facilitate the Company’s positive operation.

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The submitted suggestions or complaints shall be accessed only by members of the Audit Committee or other designated personnel.

While submitting suggestions or complaints, the stakeholder shall provide the following to facilitate investigation and response by the Audit Committee.
1. Real name (or anonymously) and contact information;
2. The suggestions or complaints should be complete, concrete and specific; and
3. For a complaint, concrete evidence allowing for investigation.