CargoLoss Damage

CargoLoss Damage

For cargo damage under Yang Ming’s (YM) custody, cargo claim raised by cargo interests shall be processed as per following procedure:

Cargo interests should notify the cargo insurer for cargo damage soon after taking delivery of cargo, or notify YM, within 3 days after taking delivery of cargo, if no insurance coverage of cargo.

The cargo interests has obligation to prove the cargo damage was attributed to YM, namely they should provide independent survey, inspection report or photos of damaged cargo to YM.

Cargo claim should be raised within one year after cargo has been taken delivery by cargo interests. A written document indicating claim amount and the cause of loss with copies of Bs/L, commercial invoice, Export/Import declaration, survey/damage report, evidence of disposal and the prove of salvege sale as supporting documents.

Except for particular circumstance, YM will process the cargo claim in accordance with the terms and conditions of YM Bs/L clauses, international convention and local laws.

YM's Liability

Yang Ming's position on Liability of cargo loss/damage will comply with terms and conditions of reverse side of Yang Ming's Bill of Lading and related international/local law such as Hague and Hague-Visby Rules, USA COGSA etc..

The Prevention of Cargo Loss And Damage

Upon picking up empty container or stuffing your goods to container, please ensure that for all kinds of cargo

  1. you use a suitable container size and type
  2. the containers are in a clean, odor free and sound condition before stuffing
  3. the container is stuffed in a proper and secure manner so that the cargo cannot shift during transportation
  4. the container is properly closed and sealed; For Reefer container shall plus
    1. make a physical inspection to ensure the actual temperature/ventilation setting
    2. pre-cool your cargo to the correct set temperature
    3. do not mix incompatible cargoes in the same container
    4. do not stuff the cargo above the red load line
    5. haulage of laden reefer container to/from port must use a generator