Environment Protection

  • Environmental Policy

    “Care for the environment, cherish our Earth”

    Protecting the environment is a corporation's social responsibility. Since we only have one Earth, we must do our utmost to prevent environmental degradation and squandering of natural resources. We must do our very best to leave behind an environment that is clean and healthy for future generations.

    As a corporation that specializes in international maritime transport services, we place our primary responsibility in safeguarding marine ecology, carefully using resources, preventing pollutions, and giving back to the community. In order to create a sustainable future through collective effort, we have been proactive in forming good relations with government agencies, investors, customers, suppliers, local and foreign associations and initiative groups, as well as stakeholders like our employees and members of the community.

    Our commitment and objectives

    • Establish environmental management system, set goals and indicators for continuous improvement, as well as continue promoting green transportation, digital low-carbon transition, sustainable supply chain management, monitoring of environmental risks, and achieving the goal of net zero emissions by 2050.
    • Continuously improve the efficiency for using energies, water, and other resources, promoting using low-carbon energies, reduce wastes, actively engaging in pollution prevention, and preserving biodiversity.
    • Seek engagement with stakeholders and feedback on their needs and expectations, and lower the environmental impact on the life cycle of business operation, products, services, transport, and logistics.

    Our implementation guidelines

    • Abide by environmental laws, international conventions, as well as other regulations and standards governing energy efficiency and consumption.
    • Stay updated on the status of global climate change, assess the risks and opportunities thereof, and invest resources in implementing energy saving and water conservation measures.
    • Take environmentally-friendly actions, continue improving on energy consumption efficiency, waste management, push for circular economy and recycling, support green and local procurement, strengthen and improve the performance on controlling over sources of pollution and preserving biodiversity, as well as actively work with value chain partners to establish a green supply chain for products and services.
    • Cultivate a deeper sense of responsibility and commitment to environmental protection among YM's employees, subsidiaries, joint ventures, and suppliers/contractors.
    • Push for the environmental management system and continue to improve on the performance of environmental management.

    The performance of environmental protection would be illustrated in our Corporate Social Responsibility Report.