Environment Protection

    • To protect the environment is a social responsibility of our enterprise. Because we have only one Earth, we must try our best to avoid damaging the environment and wasting resources. We must leave our descendants a clean and healthful living space. Yang Ming provides global ocean shipping services. Our major responsibilities are protecting the oceanic environment, using natural resources efficiently, preventing pollution and paying back to society.Yang Ming has been accredited ISO 14001 "Environmental Management System" since 2004.

      Environmental Protection Policy -
      “ Concern the environment, treasure the earth “

      To achieve the goal of implementing the environmental management system, we have set up the following objectives for our staff to follow and observe.

    • Complying with domestic environmental laws/regulations and international conventions in order to prevent pollution and to preserve marine eco-systems
    • Avoiding unnecessary waste of resources
    • Strengthening the control of the root causes of pollution in order to prevent environmental pollution
    • Recycling resources for reuse in order to reduce unnecessary waste
    • Establishing an environmental management system to continuously improve the environmental management
    • Intensifying environmental education and promotion to enhance awareness and the capabilities of employees with regard to the environment

    The performance of environmental protection would be illustrated in our Corporate Social Responsibility Report.