The Procedures of Whistleblowing Cases

The Procedures of whistleblowing cases for Yang Ming Group Members

E-mail :
Mail submission : No.271,Ming De 1st Road, Cidu District Keelung 20646 Taiwan, R.O.C. and indicate that the mail should be handled solely by the Chief Audit Executive.

If there is any discovery of illegal, unethical conduct or violation of Yang Ming’s regulations, “Codes of Ethical Conduct of Yang Ming Group”, “Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles of Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation,” “Procedures for Ethical Management and Guidelines for Conduct of Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation”, please submit the whistleblowing case via the dedicated Electronic submission or Mail submission listed above.

Whistleblowing information shall include at least the following:
1.Whistleblower’s name (or anonymously) and available contact information, including but not limited to address, contact number, email, etc.
2. Name or other information sufficient to identify the respondent.
3. Concrete evidence for investigation or reasonable doubt such as time, location, or people involved.