Safety and Health Management

Yang Ming operates international marine transportation and emphasizes the safety of personnel, ships as well as shipments based on the risk and opportunity assessment. To stress the belief of humanity, we understand that all employees are Yang Ming’s most important assets. Thus safe and healthful working environment and working procedures are provided to ensure all our staff are safe and healthy. Yang Ming has been accredited "ISO45001 Management System" since 2019.

    • Occupational Safety and Health Policy –

      “To make sure the implementation of occupational safety, and promotion of employees’ status of physical and mental health”

      To achieve the aim of zero-disaster, zero-accident and zero-injury, the company complies with the following policies:
      1.   To observe the legal requirements of the government and the requirements the company subscribes with regard to OH&S hazards.
      2.   To prevent job injury & harms and continually improve management and performance.
      3.   The board of management will be devoted to supervise the management of safety and health, and audit the performance regularly.
      4.   To promote safety and health training so as to ensure employees’ full awareness of safety and health.
      5.   To encourage employees to participate actively in and to provide sufficient time and resource for safety and health issues.
      6.   To manage health examination and management so as to maintain physical and mental health to employees. Health indicators are as important as safety goals.
      We carry out the safety and health management in accordance with the legal rules and internal administrative regulations to ensure that the practices meet the requirements both in workplace and on ship.

      In promotion of business safety and health, Yang Ming has built occupational safety and health management systems and passed several certifications, including safety and health self-protection mark, ISO45001 and TOSHMS CNS45001 and Taiwan Occupational Safety and Health Management System certifications. In recent years, Yang Ming has actively extended the concept of healthy workplace and friendly workplace to our branches, subsidiaries and contractors by sharing resources for implementing safety and health projects, and this has won it the kudos of health-friendly workplace.