Occupational Safety and Health Policy

Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation (the Company) considers employees’ safety and health to be integral to its sustainable operation and it upholds human values by providing a safety and health workplace to all of the employees and safeguarding their physical and mental well-being. We also have been proactive in forming good relations with government agencies, investors, customers, suppliers, local and foreign associations and initiative groups, as well as stakeholders like our employees and members of the community.

Our Promises and Goals

  • Commitment to achieving zero accident, creating the optimal healthy workplace, and becoming an exemplary corporation in safety and health, on board and on shore.
  • Facilitating employees’ mental and physical well-being and helping them to balance work and life.
  • Continuing communication and cooperation with stakeholders to jointly minimize occupational safety and health risks.

Our Implementing Guidelines

  • Abiding by or going further on occupational safety and health regulations and standards.
  • Paying attention to occupational safety and health is the fundamental responsibility of every employee. Therefore, every employee must follow safety and health work rules, work together to this end, and watch out for each other’s safety.
  • The Company’s top-level management should provide sufficient and necessary resources for the promotion of workplace safety and health and be devoted to supervising the management of safety and health, and auditing the performance regularly.
  • Strengthening basic safety design and conducting pre-operation risk assessment and in-operation monitoring of safety and health to prevent accidents from happening.
  • To promote safety and health training so as to ensure employees’ full awareness of safety and health and to take responsibility of personal safety and health.
  • Encouraging employees to actively participate in safety and health events, paying attention to employee’s feedback on safety and health issues, and continuing improvement on the management of safety and health.
  • Actively working together with clients, suppliers, and outsourcing vendors to collectively improve the safety and health performance in the supply chain.


Please review Yang Ming Sustainability report for more details about Yang Ming’s Occupational Safety and Health performance.