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We have always believed 'The Best Staff' is what makes the best of Yang Ming's potenial the truth of the matter is.Our entire staff from top to bottom is what really 'Makes' Yang Ming 'Tick'- much like a finely designed swiss clock.

Moreover, we'll widely use our global support to instill our fine personnel a world outlook and a sense of mission that each of us can be proud of. Through the execution of the our HR development, we'll soon see the sun rising on personnel management aimed at bringing about "Outstanding staff and a progressive Yang Ming."

Learning and development

We emphasize the direction of our corporate learning on the ideas of a "workforce with international culture" and a "globally-nurtured team of staff" as part of our efforts to provide the best and most complete learning & development for both our entry-level employees and our veteran staff rising in each phase of management development.

An integrated and professional learning system

Learning and Developing Mentors: Learning is combined with our promotion system that everyone makes his own learning schedule and his superior is his mentor to makes him can learn in proper sequence.

Global View

Although our corporate headquarters is based in Taiwan, Yang Ming's renowned subsidiaries are found in all four corners of the earth including North America, Europe, and Asia. As such, our staff encounters international communication on a daily basis which further cultivates our global mindset that we all live and work together in a global community.

Furthermore, we make great efforts to recruit the most talented staff internationally and welcome them into our Yang Ming family to continue developing a global team of multinational members to offer our customers the best in marine transport services.

Our concern about our employees
Competitive Salary:
We not only offer our employees competitive salary amounts that are usually very enviable in the local labor market, but also bonuses to reward our staff for their prudent diligence.

Employee Benefits:
Our benefits here at Yang Ming are both numerous and generous such as our 30-corporate-sponsored clubs full of activities from sports competitions to flower-arranging skills with qualified instructors. Other benefits include charitable scholarships for our staff's children, 10-year anniversary gold medals, and corporate-sponsored vacation packages in the spring and autumn.

Health priority:
Yang Ming also makes great efforts to keep our colleagues healthy and well-nourished with our exercise facilities, nutrition-planned cafeteria menus, sports activities and other health-related benefits for the protection and fitness of our staff.

Club in Yang Ming
Yang Ming has been renowned for its employee benefits as this is one way we believe we can reward our staff for their faithful and dutiful hard work that resulted in over 30 years of successful shipping operations globally. One of our most popular activities sponsored as part of our corporate benefits is our varied group of employee clubs.

Amazingly, Yang Ming now hosts over 30 various employee leisure clubs that range from athletics to the fine art of flower arranging. Many employees have commented that our corporate clubs are very similar to their previous university clubs, and maybe that is true in part because of Yang Ming's interest to encourage our entire team of staff to live fulfilling and healthy lives.

Our corporate clubs usually have set schedules filled with enjoyable activities and many, in fact, have professional instructors -- a chef, a yoga master, a mountain-climbing expert, and a dance instructor, just to name a few -- who offer qualified techniques on how to correctly improve in performance or safety.

The following is just a sampling of our 30 corporate clubs that welcome the participation of anyone on shore Yang Ming's team of employees: (exercise & fitness-related) tennis, swimming, ping pong, badminton, basketball, bowling, golf, mountain-climbing, modern dancing, yoga and triathlon; (art & hobbies-related) flower-arranging, photography, calligraphy, cooking and board games.

At Yang Ming, we feel that this particular type of corporate-sponsored benefit is a special way to nourish both the mind and the body and they help inspire our staff to reach for new heights both at work and in our free time.