Privacy and Security Statement

This Privacy and Security Statement (hereinafter called as "Statement") is incorporated into and subject to the Terms of Use and applies to this website (, hereinafter called as the "Website") and all related domains operated by Yang Ming Marine Transport Corp. (hereinafter called as "Yang Ming"or "We").

Yang Ming is always endeavoring to protect the privacy and security of your personal information. This Statement will explain the types of personal information collected, processed and used by Yang Ming, including but not limited through the Website, and the purpose of doing so and your related rights. Accordingly, through your use of our Service and the Website, we are agreed by you to collect, process and use your personal information in accordance with this Statement under your formal consent.

1. Collection of Personal Information
What type and amount of personal information will be collected by Yang Ming depending on which services you are using or will use through Yang Ming and the Website. Most of our services do not require any form of registration or your personal information. However, if you require the use of certain functions or services, we may request you to provide us with your personal information and thus we can provide related services according to your requirements.
Before using our service or the specific functions of the Website, you may need to provide your personal information or fill in various online forms to activate and establish your identity on the Website. The personal information we may collect usually includes, but is not limited to, name, phone number, address or e-mail address, and any information which you provide, such as for filling such online forms.
If you cannot provide the personal information required for the related services, we may not be able to complete some of our service or online services within the Website that you need.

2. Use of Customer’s Personal Information
The personal information collected from you will be used for providing quality services and market analysis, including, but not limited to:
Design our service upon your request.
Provide our service by us and our affiliates and agents.
Improve service quality and provide enhanced personalized service for customers.
Estimate the number of visitors to the Website.
Measure and analyze the usage.
Handle online services, including online instant service and notification service.
We may provide your personal information collected by us to our subsidiaries, affiliated companies, agents and/or other business partners and may make international transmissions; thus they can process your personal information and provide you with related services under complying with this Statement.
In addition to the foregoing purposes and methods, we will not disclose your personal information to any third party who is not related to our daily business and the services or transactions provided by the Website without your further consent, except for requirement pursuant to the competent laws and/or regulations.

3. Cookies, Log Files and IP
The Website does not use persistent or stored cookies; however, it does use temporary or per-session cookies. Temporary or per-session cookies act as a randomly generated session ID and only be lasted while the Registered User is logged onto the Website but will be cancelled at the end of the session (i.e., the Registered User logs out of the website or closes his/her web browser program). The Website will use temporary cookies for security purposes. Each time when a Registered User logs onto the Website, the Website’s server will generates a temporary session ID which will associate with the User's login name, password and computer during that particular session. This allows the Registered User to move from page to page in the Website during the specific session without needing to re-enter the login name and/or password. The temporary cookies allow the Website server to continuously verify that the User is a permitted user as the user moves from page to page during a specific session.
We also use log files for anonymous site usage analysis. A "log file" is a data file that records a specific Registered User's activity during its usage of the Website.
In order to better understanding of the user’s preferences and track security defect, we use cookies to track your preferences and store the Internet Protocol (“IP”) address for security reason. The IP address will not be linked to a specific person only when there is any suspicion case of hacker attacks checking.

4. Modification or Deletion of Registered User's Profile
You have the right to request us to modify or delete your personal information by notifying us via e-mail or using the [Contact Us]. The content of the notice shall be comprised by your name, address and email address so that we can identify you and your information in our system.
Please note that even if the information is deleted by your request, in some cases, we still have the right to retain the information submitted by you according to the Laws and Regulations.

5. Disclaimer
It is recommended that you use the latest browser to visit the Website. Although we use industry-standard technologies to protect the Website and your personal information, Yang Ming does not guarantee and assume the security of your personal information and related statutory responsibilities if you have improper use of the Website services or in case of any type of malicious damage done by any third party to the Website.
The Website may contain the links to other websites operated by third parties (hereinafter called as "third-party websites"). Since the third-party websites are not operated by Yang Ming, before your use of such third-party websites via these links, please note that the contents of the third-party websites may infringe your privacy and rights.

6. Changes to the Statement
We reserve the right to change this Statement from time to time with display of the latest version on the Website. If we make significant changes to the use of user’s personal information, we will instantly publish the changes on our website so that you understand the relevant matters.

7. Question and Suggestions
Please contact us if you have any questions and/or suggestions regarding this Statement.

8. Applicable Law and Venue
Any dispute, claim, argument, and any other controversy arising from or in any way related to the Website, including the Terms of Use, shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws and regulations of Taiwan, Republic of China, and submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of Taiwan Taipei District Court.