Quality, Environmental Protection, Safety and Security Policies

To upgrade our service quality, improve our work efficiency, reduce our operational costs, strengthen our environmental protection measures, and lay a firm foundation for our long-lasting business activities, we have adopted the following policies:

Quality Policies

  • Finding out the cause and effects to effectively solve problems

    Examining any problems efficiently, finding out the basic causes and effects thereof, exploring the possible counter measures, and carrying out these measures realistically to effectively solve the relevant problems

    Participating by all

    For a shipping company, services offered include soliciting cargo transportation contracts, loading cargo on ships, ship navigation, transportation and delivery of cargo consignments; these are closely related operations. All members of the company, whether working aboard the ships or ashore, must strive for excellence, by coordinating and accomplishing their duties.

  • Innovating and Improving

    Striving for self-improvement and breakthroughs in pursuit of better opportunities and incessant growth with sustained efforts and steady exertion

    Satisfying the customers

    Constantly striving for a better understanding of our customers and continuously improving our services to meet their needs


Environmental Protection Policy -
“ Concern the environment, treasure the earth “

Please refer to page " Environmental Protection – ISO 14001 ".

Safety Policy

  • Safety for personnel

    Providing good operational environments for each of the seafarers and shore personnel to ensure their complete safety in all operations

  • Safety for ships

    Making proper management and maintenance for our ships and equipment to ensure their safety in every aspect of our operation

  • Safety for shipment

    Placing all cargoes consigned or entrusted by customers under proper and constant supervision and control beginning from the receipt of cargoes until their delivery at the destination of shipment

Security Policy

Complying with the international covenant of ISPS (International Ship and Port Facility Security Code) and the project of C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism), and AEO (Authorized Economic Operator ) to assure the effectiveness of counter-terrorist and security measures

Yang Ming is customer-oriented. Through the joint effort of the staff, on ships or on the shore, at home or abroad, Yang Ming will continue its pursuit of innovation for excellence. We pledge to satisfy the customers with more "Punctual, Speedy, Reliable, and Economical" service.