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Succession Plan for Board Members

Except as otherwise provided by acts or regulations, Yang Ming's directors are elected in accordance with its "Procedures for Election of Directors”. The candidates of the board of directors are deployed in accordance with business scale, major shareholders’ shareholding ratio, practice, the board diversity policy and all capabilities of board members, and also in reference to the result of board performance assessments. Yang Ming plans annual training courses for each director at least 6 hours per year in accordance with changes in external and internal environmental conditions and development needs to enhance the professional knowledge of directors and strengthen board capabilities.

Yang Ming’s executives should attend in board meetings and functional committee meetings to be familiar with meeting procedures. Besides, to make sure the executives could meet the directors’ requirements or take over as future directors, Yang Ming would assign them different jobs through job rotation, going abroad and being directors of subsidiaries to expand their participation and familiarity in each group unit and improve their ability to formulate company policy, supervise and execute internal control and legal compliance, and control and respond to risk management.

To maintain the professional and experience inheritance of board members, Yang Ming plans the succession for the board of directors through the following methods:
1. Consider director candidates recommended by shareholders
2. Invite current directors to recommend suitable candidates
3. Take the result of board performance assessments as a reference when nominate directors for reappointment
4. Yang Ming’s executives
The director candidate list obtained according to the preceding methods shall be submitted to the board for review and serve as a reference for planning succession candidates for directors.

In general, except recruiting suitable professional persons as director candidates, Yang Ming will also train their executives as director candidates to comprehensively achieve the board of directors' decision-making and supervisory functions.