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Many articles for daily use in our living environment should be regarded as "dangerous goods" during transportation such as perfume, bleach, pesticide, paint, resin, table tennis balls, batteries, refrigerants, BBQ charcoal and fireworks, etc.. Why should they be declared as dangerous cargo during transportation?Because they are easily cause fires, explosions or damage to the environment or life when they are gathered during transportation.

Dangerous cargo is easily causes casualty, property damage, and environmental pollution during transportation, loading and stowage if we are not careful due to the explosive, inflammable, toxic, corrosive, radioactive and harmful character to environment. Hence, we have to pay extra attention to the safety of dangerous goods transportation! Especially, we should keep in mind that IMDG CODE has become a mandatory regulation since Jan. 1st, 2004.

In order to increase the safety of dangerous cargo handling and provide professional service for our good Customs, we have a professional team "Dangerous Goods Center" to handle all affairs regarding dangerous cargos operation and the transportation related issues. If you have any questions about dangerous cargo transportation, please contact the "Dangerous Goods Center". We’ll do our best to offer the best service.

Dangerous Goods Management Team