Corporate Governance Structure

Corporate Governance Structure Chart

Department Functions and Operation Status

Department Functions Operation Status
Secretarial Office ● Facilitate and implement corporate governance matters
   related to the board of directors.
● Track the progress of important resolutions made by the
   board of directors and functional committees periodically.
● Strengthen corporate governance policies and measures
   according to corporate governance evaluations.
● Plan corporate governance policies.
● Improve corporate governance system and review the
● Review information disclosure process.
Legal Compliance Office ● Develop, manage and implement compliance policies
   related to competition laws.
● Review group’s existing regulations and procedures to
   ensure compliance, and provides compliance advices.
● Facilitate law awareness and training of legal
● Review the operational status of legal compliance.
Public Affairs Department ● Facilitate ISO, CWQI, AEO and CSR.
● Plan and implement rules, regulations and matters
   related to corporate governance.
● Assist to facilitate and implement corporate governance
● Implement CSR and corporate governance.
● Prepare, handle and track corporate governance