Yang Ming worldwide offices’ measures of COVID-19

In light of the spread and impact of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak worldwide, we affirm that our global offices continue with normal operations. To ensure business continuity and navigate the pandemic, we continue to step up COVID-19 continuity plans and implement proactive measures.

In order to well protect the safety and health of worldwide employees, seafarers as well as customer rights and interests, we put the COVID-19 continuity plan in place immediately at the beginning of the outbreak. We take precautions including promoting awareness of personal hygiene habits and update the latest international situation to prevent infection. Furthermore, all offices around the world can assess local pandemic severity and government regulatory requirements to determine if to ask partial local staff to work from home. The measures are to minimize the risks of infection from large gatherings and ensure all business operations remain the same without disruption.

We will continue closely monitoring the evolving situation of the worldwide outbreak and strengthening the continuity plan in response to the spread of COVID-19. Meanwhile, the latest continuity plan of our main offices will be updated as below for easy and quick reference.