Group Profile

A Transport Group with Excellence

Established on December 28, 1972, Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation (YM) specializes in container transportation with service routes crisscrossing Asia, Europe, the Americas, Australia, and Africa. To date, we have set up over 241 global offices in 87 countries. Our regional centers in the U.S., Panama, Germany, Greece, and Singapore offer uninterrupted services.

Since the beginning, YM has upheld its core values of “Teamwork, Innovation, Integrity, and Pragmatism.” We deliver quality marine transport services with punctuality, speediness, reliability, and economy. We are committed to fulfilling our vision of becoming an outstanding marine transport corporation in the world.

Through partnerships with key global competitors, YM is able to effectively coordinate its global operation resources and provide customers with more comprehensive transport services.

As part of the effort to increase international competitiveness and service quality, YM has so far acquired an array of local and foreign certifications.

At May of 2024, Yang Ming operates a fleet of 94 vessels with a 7.959-million-D.W.T / operating capacity 707 thousand TEUS, of which container ships are the mains service force.

We summarize Yang Ming's corporate culture as below:

  • Emphasis is placed on the spirit of teamwork: Through team cooperation, team learning, and strict quality control in each link, we strive to maximize the synergy of the entire Yang Ming Group.
  • Integrity is given the first priority: We endeavor to be honest in whatever we do and whoever we deal with. We require mutual respect, give care to society, and take delight in work.
  • Pragmatism is our attitude: We always put our feet on the earth, are practical and do our job immediately.
  • Innovation is encouraged: We use new thinking to strive for breakthroughs, transcend tradition, and attain perfection and professionalism.
  • Decisions are based on humanism: We acknowledge the value of everyone's work and provide our staff with a secure, healthy and discrimination-free environment.
  • Harmony is greatly valued: We cooperate externally and harmonize internally; share interests with society, and coexist with the environment.
  • Society is embraced: We supply valuable transportation in society and serve the society and all the people.
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