Import Cargo Information

Cargo Tracking

•Yang Ming Egypt group mail for “Import Dept.”


Arrival Notice

 • To be send 48 hours  prior vessel arrival at terminal to Customer email address , so ensure to keep your mail address to Customer Service front desk to get your shipment details on time.


Delivery order

 • To be issued after vessel berth.


ITHC Charge

 • Check with our office for your shipment ITHC charge details / amount (

 • 3/3 Full Original Bill (other cases to be considered based on each shipment’s condition and terms).

 • Get your release Documents ready to receive Delivery order.

 • Authorization letter to be made on company official paper form , stamped and endorsed by the banker.

 • Tax Or commercial Or import certificate sometimes needed (based on each shipment's condition and terms) .

 • In case shipment idle for more than 1 month, you will be requested to pay at least 50% from DEM incurred.


Regular term of Demurrage free days  

 • 7 days for DC containers / 5 days for reefer containers  / 3 days for IMO containers / 2 days for special equipment ( FO / FC )  container.


Release Letter

 • To be issued from Port office of each terminal after Storage and Demurrage payment at Import Office.

 • Payment is settled based according to container movement (when it is full to consignee and when it is returned empty).