Yang Ming Adjusts Far East–Red Sea Service

Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation is delighted to announce the launch of new Far East–Red Sea joint service (Loop Code: RSS) effective on 7th April 2017 to replace the existing RES service. The existing RES service will be terminated after completion of the last round voyage ETB Shanghai on 26th March 2017.

Yang Ming pledges to continue enhancing its service network, providing customers with more reliable and comprehensive delivery services. Further information about the service network is available on Yang Ming website (www.yangming.com). Please contact Yang Ming local offices for more details.

The rotation of New RSS service is as below:
Rotation: Xingang–Qingdao–Shanghai–Ningbo–Nansha–Shekou–Singapore–Djibouti–Jeddah–Sokhna–Aqaba–Djibouti–Singapore–Ningbo–Xingang. A round voyage takes 63 days.

Vessel deployment: Total 9x4900-6500TEU loadable vessels, jointly operated by Yang Ming and Pacific International Lines.

Effective voyage: ETB Xingang on 7th April 2017.