IBX Vessel Songa Iridium grounding Bosporus on 27-Dec-19 _4th update


27th December 2019 – Main Engine blackout in Bosphorus strait


Dear Valued Customers,


Please be advised that whilst the vessel, laden with 1,499 teus of containerized cargo, was proceeding to the Port of Istanbul on 27th December 2019, she encountered an engine room fire whilst approaching Kumport for cargo operation. The vessel was subsequently towed and escorted by tugs to the Ahirkapi anchorage safely on the same day.


Salvors thereafter demanded either salvage security or salvage award for their services rendered to the vessel, cargo, container, and bunkers, etc., which were detained upon provision of satisfactory security or settlement of the salvors’ claim.


Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “Yang Ming”), the time charterers of the “Songa Iridium”, after extensive negotiations with Salvors made a settlement on behalf of the cargo and containers on board on 28th January 2020 and therefore the cargo and containers were released by salvors.  Yang Ming are now arranging the vessels for forwarding the cargo to their respective destination.


In consideration of Yang Ming’s advanced payment of salvors’ claim against the cargo and container interests, Yang Ming have decided to declare General Average and to exercise a lien against the cargo and containers to recover the costs, expenses and associated charges incurred in relation to the salvage claim. Further notice will be followed covering full details of the security requirements in this respect.



Thanks and best regards,

Commercial Group

Yang Ming Marine Transport Corp.