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Japan Customs 24 Hour Advance Manifest Rule
Japan Customs has announced a new rule of advanced manifest filing on maritime container cargo. This new rule is called Japan Advance Filing Rules (hereinafter "AFR") and which will take effect from March 2014 without the grace period.

AFR require carriers and Non-vessel Operating Common Carriers (NVOCCs) to electronically submit to Customs the advanced manifest information on maritime container cargo to be loaded on a vessel intended for entry into a port in Japan. In principle, the submission must be filed no later than 24 hours before departure of the vessel from a port of loading.

AFR will bring significant changes to our current shipment processes, and we would like to draw your attention on the following items:

1. Documentation Cut-off
In order to comply with AFR, we request our customers (including NVOCCS) to provide complete and accurate Shipping Instruction (or Shipping Order) in accordance with the deadlines provided by your local customer service representative upon booking.

2. Mandatory Information for Advance Filing Rule
Japan Customs requires more detailed information in Advance Filing than the current cargo manifest, the following detail will be required:
- Full name, Complete Address, Country, City name, telephone number of Shipper,Consignee and Notify Party
- Concrete and detailed information on description of goods and the representing Harmonized System (HS) Code (6-digit) per cargo item
- IMDG code/UN No. for Dangerous Cargo
- Cubic measurement
- For more information of Data Elements to Be Filed, please refer to below URL:

3. Advance Filing for House B/L
Unlike US 24 hour advance manifest rules, the carrier cannot file NVOCC House Bill of Lading data on behalf of the NVOCC. NVOCC will need to submit their house B/L information which included carrier's Master B/L Number on it to Japan Customs.
Then Customs will cross check the information of Mater B/L & House B/L, and send out the discrepancy notice.
Therefore, please indicate on Shipping Instruction (or Shipping Order) if there is related house B/L for this shipment.

4. Non-Compliance
Late or incomplete declarations will be subject to penalty by the Japanese government.
There is also a possibility that cargo will not be allowed to discharge in Japan.

5. YM Implementation Schedule of AFR
With effect from 10th Jan 2014, we will invite some agents to lodge Advance Manifests to the Japanese authorities, and all YM global agents will start to lodge Advance Manifests in February 2014 for building up to the full enforcement of the AFR before March 2014.

We strongly encourage customers to incorporate this change in process from Jan and no later than Feb 2014 and to finalize the Shipping Instruction (or Shipping Order) earlier prior to the loading vessels' arrival. This will enable you to be prepared for the March 2014 implementation and avoid unnecessary delays of your valuable shipments.

6. Reference Information
Introduction to the Japan Customs' Advance Manifest rules, together with frequently asked questions is available at below URL:
Japan Customs Homepage: http://www.customs.go.jp/english/summary/advance/index.htm

If you need more information about the list of Authorized Service Providers from NACCS, please visit here: http://www.naccscenter.com/afr/lsp.html