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  • The EU regulation requiring the lodgment of Entry Summary Declarations (ENS) for inbound cargo will be effective after midnight of December 31, 2010. Below FAQs will provide information about the general principles of the rule, showing Customs YM’s action on how to fulfill the requirements.

  • Version 10.

    Q : When shall the S/I (Shipping Instruction) be provided by shipper?

    Answer: The load port agent shall ask Customs to provide S/I to meet the EU regulation depends on local practice.

    Q : Does EORI number have to be indicated in the ENS?

    Answer: The shipper's EORI number is to be included only when it's known o the ENS filer. The consignee and notify party shall be identified with its EORI number "whenever this number is available to the person lodging the ENS. i.e. the EORI number is not mandatory. (* An importer, if it is an AEO, may ask carrier to include its EORI number in the ENS in order that customs can factor the AEO status of the importer into the risk Assessment…)

    Q : About the “Transportation Charges Method of Payment Code” in the 29 data elements for EU advanced manifest, how do we know the code of payment and which Rec_id should be inserted in CIS FILE?

    Answer: Per the current information, the payment code is now optional instead of mandatory.
    We will inform you as soon as there is any clear guidance from EU.

    Q : Is the filing of House B/L data required by EU Customs?

    Answer: Unlike USA (AMS), the EU regulation does not require either dual filing or the ultimate Shipper and Consignee information.
    Filing of the Master B/L data (ocean’s B/L) is sufficient, even if a freight Forwarder/NVOCC is identified as both Shipper and Consignee.

    Q : Does EU regulation allow amendments after carrier files the ENS?

    Answer: Yes, the EU regulation allows ENS amendments after carrier receives MRN from EU Customs.

    Q : What about penalties for non-compliance?

    Answer: Decision on penalties is taken pursuant to the national Customs legislation in the individual Member State.
    No precise information have been brought forward by the Member States up to now.

    Q : How will the customer know that their cargo is EU regulated, for example in case of FROB cargo?

    Answer: This information will be advised to Customs in the booking stage.
    Q : When is an ENS required?

    Answer: For deep-sea shipments, i.e. from America or Asia to the EU port, the ENS shall be filed at least 24 hours prior to cargo loading at load port (main vessel).
    For short-sea shipments, i.e. from Egypt or Turkey to the EU port, the ENS shall be filed at least 2 hours before vessel arrives at the 1 st EU port of entry.

    Q : How to choose the commodity code if there are several/different goods items in the shipment?

    Answer: We would suggest that each goods item shall be corresponded with one commodity (HS) code.
    In addition, we also provide the acceptable/unacceptable list of description from EU Customs as the “description list” on YM’s Website.

    Q : Is filing SOC and Empty containers in ENS required?

    Answer: According to EU regulation, the SOC containers have to be filed, but Empty containers don’t have to.

    Q : Does YM allow filing ENS by alternative 3rd party (NVOCC or Forwarder)?

    Answer: Even though ENS is allowed to be filed by the 3rd party under carrier's consent and knowledge, we would suggest that all ENS is filed by carrier (YM) until further announcement, because we are not sure whether MRN can be retrieved by YM’s system smoothly at the initial stage for those cargo filed by the 3rd party.

    Q : What happens if YM receive a “Do Not Load” message from the EU Customs of first entry?

    Answer: The export agent will convey this information to the respective customer without delay. This will normally be done via telephone or e-mail.

    Q : Will YM implement a charge for filing ENS?

    Answer: The implementation of Security Manifest Documentation (SMD) Charge for EU bound cargo is currently under discussion.
    Further information will follow in due course.

    Q : Is YM developing their own in-house solution? Has YM reached the testing phase yet?

    Answer: YM’s ENS will be filed to EU Customs via Dakosy, and the internal testing has begun by load port agents in the mid of November.
    We will inform you as soon as there is any further development.