Compatibility for Commodities

Compatibility of Fresh Products

Products which are temperature - compatible may not possess compatible inherent characteristics. For example, products such as green leafy vegetables, mushrooms, rhubarb, sweet corn and butter are highly susceptible to absorption of odors. They should not be mixed with products possessing strong offensive odors. Similarly, products with vastly different temperature requirements should not be mixed.

Averaging temperature of these types of products may result in accelerated ripening or decay of some products and chilling injury and eventual accelerated decay of the others.

Products shipped together should be compatible not only according to temperature, but also according to relative humidity, ethylene sensitivity and odor characteristics.

The accompanying table (below) lists compatibility groups. While compatibility does not imply crops

in the same group should be or are normally shipped together, it does mean they may be shipped together if circumstances require it. These recommended settings should be used with discretion, depending upon the actual load.