THE Alliance Announces COVID-19 Response Measures for April 2020

Due to the unprecedented nature of the COVID-19 pandemic and the forecasted sharp downturn in demand, members of THE Alliance Hapag-Lloyd, HMM, Ocean Network Express, and Yang Ming have decided to modify our April sailing schedules as follows:

Asia and North Europe

Week 15 – FE2 void

Week 16 – FE4 and FP2 EUR void

Week 17 – FE2 and FP2 EUR void

Week 18 – FE3 and FE4 void

Asia and the Mediterranean

Week 15 – MD1 void

Week 16 – MD2 and MD3 void

Week 17 – MD1 void

Week 18 – MD2 void

Transpacific – West Coast

Week 14 – PN4 void

Week 15 – PS5 and PN4 void

Week 16 – PS4 and PS5 void

Week 17 – PS3*, PS5, PN3 and PN4 void

Week 18 – PS4, PS5 void

*HMM does not participate in Week 17 PS3

Transpacific – East Coast (via Panama and Suez Canals)

Week 14 – EC3 void

Week 15 – EC3 void

Week 16 – EC3 void

Week 17 – EC3 void

Week 18 – EC3 void


Week 15 – AL2 and AL5 void

Week 17 – AL1 and AL4 void

*HMM does not participate on the Atlantic Trade

In addition to the voyages voided in April, THE Alliance members are currently preparing further, structural changes to our 2020 product and will make respective announcements in the upcoming week. The adjustments to our services are based on the requirements of the market in the current situation. Despite these changes, we continue to offer a reliable product for our respective customers during this challenging period and do our very best to maintain their supply chains and offering alternatives.

The members of THE Alliance stand fast and will continue to offer custom fit solutions to the market and navigate the global pandemic together with our respective clients, vendors, and employees. We thank you for your continued support through these challenging times.