Yang Ming Notification: System maintenance on Jan/12 (Sun) 00:00 (GMT) ~ Jan/12 (Sun) 05:00 (GMT)

Dear Customers,

This is to inform that YM web function will be under maintenance on Jan/12 (Sun) 00:00 (GMT) ~ Jan/12 (Sun) 05:00 (GMT) at below schedule. During this period of maintenance, YM Web applications (http://www.yangming.com) will be suspended and resumed completely afterwards.       

           Time Zone Taiwan                       New York Time                                Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

Start  12/1/2020 (Sunday) 08:00           11/1/2020 (Saturday) 19:00             12/1/2020 (Sunday) 00:00 

End    12/1/2020 (Sunday) 13:00           12/1/2020 (Sunday) 00:00               12/1/2020 (Sunday) 05:00 

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please contact us (itcs@yangming.com) if you have any questions or concerns in this regard.


Yang Ming e-commerce team