U.S. West Coast Terminal Congestion

Dear Valued Customers:


In anticipation of impending tariffs on Chinese imports into the U.S. and consequently, larger and extra loader vessels are being employed to accommodate the increased volumes, the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles are being overwhelmed with unprecedented import volumes.  Although the ports are trying to effectively manage this unforeseen increase in volume, every aspect of port operations, from labor and equipment supply to vessel and yard operations, to truck and rail availability is being stretched and contributing to congestion, gridlock and delays.


Cargo availability continues to be a leading problem as extra vessels and resultant labor shortages are causing berth congestion and delays.  However, chassis shortages, despite an increase in chassis pools, have quickly become the key factor significantly impacting the flow of cargo in and out of the terminals contributing to terminal congestion.  Reportedly, importers who typically hold containers for up to three days in many instances are now holding them for up to a week.


We urge our customers to make delivery arrangements as soon as their containers become available and return them to the designated terminals timely.  Please be reminded that containers not picked up or returned timely are subject to applicable charges.


We anticipate that the current volumes will likely continue up until the Lunar New Year.  Your support and cooperation are always sincerely appreciated.




Thanks and Regards,

Yang Ming Marine Corporation