Customer Advisory_ EC5 Vessel Yantian Express Update

Dear Valued Customers,


Further to our notice issued on 11 January, according to ship operators Hapag-Lloyd’s update, fire is under control, but has not yet been completely extinguished. Two more tugs are deployed to help with firefighting and towage operations. The ship operators have not yet decided which port to call for refuge. Thus, they don’t have an estimate for the time of her arrival at a port of refuge at this moment.


We are sorry to advise that your containers on board Yantian Express might have been damaged or affected by the fire. Based on the currently available information, we have to assume that all cargo in Bay 12 on deck and forward is directly affected by the fire, also all cargo in Hold 1 (Bay 1 to 9). Further, we have to expect that all cargo in Hold 2 (Bay 11 to 17) is affected by fire, smoke and / or damage caused by firefighting water. Damage caused by smoke, heat and / or firefighting water in areas is possible. All Reefers in Bay 1 to 24 are without power and switched off. All other Bays with Reefers are continuously supplied with power and in operation.


The actual damaged or affected condition will be further verified after vessel arriving sea port. We’ll keep updating the status as soon as Yang Ming receives more concreate information from the ship operators.



Thanks and Regards,

Yang Ming Marine Corporation