China Customs 24 hour Advance Manifest Regulation

Dear Valued Customer,


General Administration of Customs, PRC has published Decree No. 56 (Y2017) to modify the rules and requirements for cargo imported into China or transshipped at China ports with effect from 1st June, 2018. Main points of the adjustments are as follows:


● All cargo bound for /Transship at China will be subject to 24 Hour Advance Manifest Rule
The advance manifest for all applicable shipments must be submitted to China customs at least 24 hours before loading onto the vessel bound for China.


● Additional Data Requirement

Enterprise code and Communication number of Shipper and Consignee (or Notify in case of to order B/L) are mandatory for declaration on the advance manifest. Examples of Enterprise Codes:

          √ China - USCI (Unified Social Credit Identifier), OC (Organization Code)

           √ UK - Company Number, VAT Number

           √ USA - CIK (Central Index Key), EIN (Employer Identification Number)

            √ For more details about enterprise code, please refer to below attached files.


● Advance manifest must contain accurate and complete goods descriptions

Goods descriptions on manifest should be specific and concrete for customs to easily identify the contents of cargo in conducting risk assessment. For example, “Apparel” is not accepted but “Dresses” is accepted. Please refer to ANNEX 39_Non acceptable list for more examples.

For more information, please visit the official website of China Customs (in Chinese) for Decree No. 56:


Failure to comply with the new rules may result in clearance problem or customs penalty at destination. We highly appreciate your attention to this important issue and assistance in providing the requested information on your shipping instruction before documentation cut-off time of each YM service loop/voyage.


Thanks for your cooperation.

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