Yang Ming's statement regarding the containers fall off YM Efficiency

YM Efficiency, one of Yang Ming fleet, announced incident of container overboard along Australia coast on 1400utc, May/31/2018, as the vessel encountered adverse weather en-routining from Kaohsiung to Sydney loaded with 3307 TEU onboard. A total of 83 containers were overboard, and 30 vans collapsed remaining on deck according to master’s report. There were neither DG cargo involved in the incident, nor Marine Pollutant. No vessel hull/engine damages as well.

The incident has been reported to Australian AMSA and Concerned parties. Yang Ming Headquarters has an emergency task force set up to deal with this incident immediately to monitor the development of the incident. Till this moment, everything is under master’s control, and vessel ‘s safety navigation has been well secured. She has already arrived out off Sydney port, however, due port closure under adverse weather, she is unable to be berthed now. YM is trying utmost to secure a berth for her a.s.a.p.

The relevant measures to unload those collapsed containers O/D, as well as damage repair for the deck fittings are also under arrangement. The customer involved will be informed in due course. The overboard containers will be salvaged/removed by Yang Ming .

Yang Ming will keep relevant parties being posted on any updates.