Tender for Selling 8,795 Units Used Dry Containers

Tender for selling 8,795 units used dry containers will be held. Company who is interested in is welcome to join.

The Bidding Instruction with quotation form (refer to Appendix 1 in the Bidding Instruction) is for you to follow. please read carefully before you send the quotation. However, the Biding Instruction is provisional version at present, Yang Ming will update the content at all time and provide the final version before the completion of bidding meeting.

Please offer your price base on the quotation requirement stated on the bidding instruction and the offer must be valid until the completion of the Bidding Meeting, which is tentatively scheduled on 09:30 AM 26th Sep, 2017, However Yang Ming reserves the right to reschedule the date and will notify bidders prior to the tentative date.

The quotation form must be signed and sent to ggsuopenbid@yangming.com "ONLY" not later than 14:00 PM 18th Sep, 2017 (closing time, Taipei local time) and the required amount of bid bond pursuant to the bidding instruction must be submmited before the Bidding Meeting is also required.

Please send an notice email (WITHOUT attaching your quotation form) to PIC of the tender - Ziv Lai (email address: ziv.hc.lai@yangming.com, Tel: +886-2-2455-0205) to notify that you have sent the quotation form to the designated email address and which way you would submit the bid bond.