Customer Advisory-YANG MING expands in Latin America

Dear All:

Yang Ming is pleased to announce the opening of its new Latin America Regional Headquarters located in Panama.

Effective from June 8, 2017, Yang Ming (Latin America) Corp. will commence with operations and assume all of the group's coordination functions in Latin America. Centrally located in the heart of Panama City's financial district, Yang Ming (Latin America) Corp. will serve as the regional headquarters for the group's Latin American business. The establishment of Yang Ming (Latin America) Corp. in Panama will give Yang Ming greater visibility in the Latin America region and will help Yang Ming better connect with its customers.

The main function of Yang Ming (Latin America) Corp. is to serve as the Pricing Center for the region's trade lanes to Far East, Europe, within Latin America and to/from North America. Yang Ming (Latin America) Corp. will also perform operational duties including oversight of Yang Ming's feeder network in the region, management of terminal and inland vendors, and coordination of berth and vessel schedules.

For business contact, please refer to the following information:

Yang Ming (Latin America) Corp.
P.H. Torre Global Building, 50th Street, Floor 33, Office 3301, Panama, Republic of Panama
Tel: (+507)-386-8692
Fax: (+507)-386-8694

Thanks and best regards,

Commercial Group
Yang Ming Marine Transport Corp.