Customer Advisory- NYK DELPHINUS 2021-JUN-2 update

Dear Valued Customers,


Further to our Customer Advisory of May 28, 2021, the owner of the vessel NYK Delphinus 0086W/E have declared General Average as well as have instructed Blue Seas Adjusters Ltd to collect the General Average security. In case you have shipments that were loaded onboard for this lady, please understand that the cargo will only be released upon provision of the required securities. The following will need to be provided to the Adjuster irrespective of the port of destination, status or condition of goods:


If Cargo is insured by a Company with a Standard & Poors rating of B+ or other agency equivalent:


Average Bond: To be completed, signed, dated and company stamp applied by the receivers/owners of the cargo.

General Average Guarantee: To be passed to the cargo insurers for their completion; the document should again be signed, dated, and company stamp applied.

The completed documents should be scanned and returned to us, together with: -

Copies of relevant Bill(s) of Lading

Copies of commercial and freight invoices so we may establish a value for the cargo

Contact details of cargo insurers, so we may liaise with them directly – this is usual in instances of General Average


If Cargo is not insured or the insurance company does not meet the rating requirement above:


Average Bond: To be completed, signed, dated and company stamp applied by the receivers/owners of the cargo.

Cash Security: To be lodged for 12.5% of CnF value with Blue Seas Adjusters Ltd. Copies of commercial invoices (including freight) will need to be presented and remittance details will be provided following direct communication with Adjusters.


Provision of General Average security is a necessary requirement to ensure cargo’s release at destination. Additionally, shippers whose cargo is insured should contact and forward this advisory to their insurance provider. In the event that you have any questions regarding the provision of the required security, we invite you to get in touch with Blue Seas Adjusters Ltd(see below contact details) directly as well as quote the ship name (NYK Delphinus) plus your container number and bill of lading number in all email correspondence.


Blue Seas Adjusters Ltd

Unit 1 Orangery Studios

21 Orangery Lane


Tel: 00 44 20 7481 3335

Fax: 00 44 20 7691 7433

PIC Michele Haspineall/ Paul Bown


We regret the inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact your sales account representative for additional information.




Thanks and best regards,

Commercial Group

Yang Ming Marine Transport Corp.