Customer Advisory - Suez Canal Incident Situation

Dear Valued Customers,

We would like to inform you that the Suez Canal passage is currently blocked by massive container ship “Ever Given” operated by Evergreen in both directions.
Till now, 9 container vessels of the Yang Ming fleet have been affected, please refer to the following information.

Trade Vessel Name Comn Voy. Voyage Code Status
Asia/ USEC YM MANDATE 070E EC5108E Waiting at Suez
MEISHAN BRIDGE 013E EC4107E Waiting at Suez
Asia/ Europe YM FOUNTAIN 155W IEX109W Waiting at Suez
NYK ORION 066E FP1108A Waiting at Great Bitter Lake
ONE CRANE 019E FP2105A Waiting at Great Bitter Lake
NEW YORK EXPRESS 041E MD1103E Waiting at Great Bitter Lake
YM WISH 029E MD3103E Waiting at Great Bitter Lake
HMM GDANSK 003E FE3101E At Port Said anchorage
SALAHUDDIN 016E MD2102E At Port Said anchorage

Yang Ming is constantly monitoring the situation and will keep you updated of any further information.
We appreciate your continued support of Yang Ming. Should you have any queries, please feel free to contact our Local Office.

Thanks and best regards,

Yang Ming Marine Transport Corp.