THE Alliance Announces COVID-19 Response Measures for August 2020

The members of THE Alliance would like to update the service adjustments in August to reflect the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the global shipping market. The details of service updates are listed below:

Asia and North Europe

Maintain current 4 loops - FP1/FP2/FE2/FE3 weekly sailings with FE4 temporary suspension.

Asia and the Mediterranean

Week 32 – MD1 void

Week 34 – MD2 and MD3 void

Week 35 – MD1 void

Transpacific - West Coast

Week 33 – PS3, PN3 and PN4 void

Week 34 – PS5 void

Week 35 – PS3, PN3 and PN4 void

Transpacific - East Coast (via Panama and Suez Canals)

EC3 will remain merged with EC1 except for week 33.

Asia and Middle East

Week 32 – AG2 void

AG1 will remain merged with AG3.


Week 32 – AL4 void

Week 33 – AL1 void

THE Alliance will continue to closely monitor the market situation and respond efficiently by restructuring their service scheme to meet market demand. As always, the members of THE Alliance would like to thank their respected customers for their kind understanding and continuous support during these unpredictable times. Let us stand strong and get through these hard times together.