IBX Vessel Songa Iridium grounding Bosporus on 27-Dec-19 _6th update

IBX Vessel Songa Iridium grounding Bosporus on 27-Dec-19 _GENERAL AVERAGE DECLARATION AND PROCEDURE


Dear Valued Customers:


Further to our Customer Advisory of 4th February, 2020, Yang Ming have declared General Average as well as have instructed Richards Hogg Lindley to collect the General Average security. The General Average cash deposit has now been set. General Average Security Requirements from the uninsured cargo interests are therefore as follows:


Copy of the cargo invoice

An Average bond

A cash deposit at 15% of the C&F value of cargo


In order to expedite the collection of General Average security and to facilitate the release of cargo, we invite our customers to visit Richards Hogg Lindley website below to find the valuable information regarding the provision of the required security.



Blank security forms, further news and information including release procedures for cargo will be made available at: www.rhlg.com/clients. Select the vessel’s name “SONGA IRIDIUM” from the dropdown menu and enter the password which for this case is “iridium27”.


We regret the inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding and cooperation.



Yang Ming Marine Transport Corp.