Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Corporate Governance

Yang Ming is consistently dedicated to the improvement of corporate governance and financial transparency. We have been elected one of Taiwan's best-managed companies by EURO MONEY. Since 2004, we have been chosen every year by the Securities and Futures Institute as a company with the most transparent information. We have also been elected an exemplary enterprise in Taiwan by Common Wealth Magazine. To maintain our high standard and good reputation, we have prescribed the Code of Conduct of Yang Ming and the Code of Ethical Management. These are posted on our website for our stakeholders' knowledge and reference.

Chairmans Commitment

Although Yang Ming has won admiration from clients worldwide, we continually demand ourselves to make more innovations for further breakthroughs in our global liner services. We are confident that each of us is proud of what we have achieved in recent years, both individually and collectively.

At a time of ever increasing expansion and globalization of our Group, we deeply recognize that the key to continuous growth lies in the delivery of excellent and reliable service and the cultivation of choice corporate culture. In other words, we should not make our core values just as empty words but practice them in earnest in our everyday work: the spirit of respecting harmony, an emphasis on teamwork, the pursuit of innovation, honesty and pragmatism. These values provide Yang Ming with the mechanism of growth and the momentum for continually transcending the business cycle.

In light of today's fiercely competitive environment, all members of Yang Ming Group need work as a team to seek and attain sustainable, effective development and long-term growth. Sharing integrated viewpoints and uniting together to develop a stronger image of excellence and trustworthiness is a crucial step in gaining the confidence of our customers, interested parties and the general public. As such, providing the Code of Conduct and the Code of Ethical Management for Yang Ming Group Members is a worthy priority in maintaining our honorable standard of conduct.

These codes can enhance our corporate reputation in the public’s eye, and more importantly can also forge us together in our efforts to uphold the quality of our daily operations. They can also provide each Yang Ming Group member with the same general principles in passing their judgment and pursuing their tasks.

All members are expected to understand these Codes, recognize how individual conduct will influence Yang Ming as a whole, and contribute to the Group's sustainability.

Code of Ethical Management

Guidelines on Unethical Conduct Prevention

The Code of Conduct For Y.M.

Social Responsibility

When the disastrous tsunami struck South Asia in 2004, Yang Ming actively took it as a responsibility to transport relief goods from all over the world to the stricken area. When a devastating cyclone ravaged Myanmar (formerly Burma) and a series of devastating quakes hit Sichuan province in China in 2008, Yang Ming and our staff were there once again, donating generously to help the struggling victims in both regions. When Pakistan was ravaged by floods in 2010, Japan was ravaged by great earthquakes in 2011 and Syrians took refuge in Jordan in 2012, Yang Ming actively transported relief goods from Yang Ming’s global calling ports to these regions free of freight charge. Also when Hurricane Sandy had devastated the town of Union Beach NJ in 2012, Yang Ming donated 8 containers as temp storage for the clothing, food, building supplies in need. Yang Ming actively transported relief goods from Yang Ming’s global calling ports to Karachi free of freight charge. Also we have donated marine transportation to Buddha's Light International Association R.O.C. for public welfare activity. Moreover, Yang Ming and our global staff make donations to the needy people at the end of every year.

In order to promote education on oceanic culture and conservation, Yang Ming set up the “Yang Ming Cultural Foundation” and two permanent exhibition plazas: the YM Oceanic Culture & Art Museum in Keelung and the YM Kaohsiung Museum of Marine Exploration – both focusing on exhibitions of marine ecosystem, environment, history, technique, and so on. We intended to enhance public awareness and consciousness of oceanic culture and marine ecosystems.

In order to present the education on and beauty of ocean, we have cooperated with National Taiwan Ocean University to hold a series of Yang Ming lecture course. We have also welcomed students of marine schools to visit our vessels. Moreover, we keep on holding national and global drawing competition for children and exhibiting the awarded pictures. Besides, we have held the 1st of Yang Ming oceanic literature competition to bring people’s imagination into words. We have also invited children to attend our oceanic study camps and summer camps.

Yang Ming encourages our staff to involve themselves in social service to deliver our corporate culture to others.

Yang Ming has assisted in the development and continuity of various forms of fine art by sponsoring the Taiwan Lantern Festival, Outdoor Performance, Holo Folk Opera Group, the Kaohsiung International Container Arts Festival, and so on. We have also donated in the 319 Hope Engineering project. We have encouraged our staff to participate in this project and raise hope and happiness in 319 townships across Taiwan.

Yang Ming chooses the works of local artists and art groups as gifts for our clients in the world to introduce Taiwan’s art globally. The masterpieces of the late sculpture master Yo-Yo Yang, pottery master Chi-Shing Lin, the Cloud Gate Group, and the Holo Folk Opera Group are included in our gift list. Moreover, we have donated marine transportation to the Asian-Canadian Special Events Association for 7 continuous years to deliver their exhibition stuffs to the Taiwanese Festival in Canada.

We have also donated our marine transportation to the following institutions:
  • The National Cultural and Arts Foundation by delivering their works to the Venice Biennale in Italy
  • The Taiwan Association of Theater Technology by delivering outstanding domestic Works to the Prague Quadrennial
  • The Taiwanese American Outreach Association by delivering the lanterns to Washington DC for the festooned vehicle parade.
  • The Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts by delivering their works to Napoli of Italy for exhibition.
  • Transporting the Taiwan Pavilion at Shanghai Expo to Taiwan.
  • Transporting the old Chinese Junk, called “Free China”, from Oakland back to Keelung, Taiwan in 2012.

Employment Commitment


We have always believed "the best staff" is what makes the best of Yang Ming's potential. In return, we will make efforts to provide the best working conditions, the best training, and the best opportunities for our staff.
  • The terms and working conditions of any employment agreement shall be in accordance with applicable national and local laws.
  • We will ensure that all members have equal opportunities for self-development. We are also committed to not engage in discrimination based on race, language, thought, religion, political party, place of birth, gender, age, marital status, appearance, nor disability.
  • We are committed to create an atmosphere free of harassment, any form of harassment is not allowed in the workplace.
  • We will provide an integrated and professional learning system, including orientation for our new recruits, professional knowledge training common knowledge training managerial skills and etc. We emphasize the direction of our corporate learning on the ideas of a "workforce with international culture" and a "globally-nurtured team of staff" as part of our efforts to provide the best and most complete learning & development for both our entry-level employees and our veteran staff rising in each phase of management development.
  • We not only offer our employees competitive salary amounts that are usually very enviable in the local labor market, but also bonuses to reward our staff for their prudent diligence.


"Implementation of occupational safety, and Promotion of our employees' health"
Yang Ming operates international marine transportation, container terminals and wharf services. As a result of thorough risk assessments, we at Yang Ming emphasize the safety of our personnel, our vessels as well as shipments. Basing on our humanitarian beliefs and the understanding that employees are Yang Ming’s most valuable resources, we provide the working environment and working procedures to ensure our essential responsibilitiy for the safety and health of all employees.

To achieve the aim of zero-disaster, zero-accident and zero-injury, we comply with the following policies:
  • To comply with all applicable legal requirements of relevant governments and the Occupational Health and Safety requirements which the company subscribes.
  • To prevent injury & ill health and continually improve Occupational Health and Safety management and performance.
  • To devote and supervise the management of safety and health as well as regularly review, audit, and evaluate such performance.
  • To promote safety and health training and activities so as to ensure employees’ full awareness of safety and health responsibilities.
  • To encourage employees to actively participate and to provide sufficient time and resources for employees to consult on safety and health issues.
  • To implement health examinations and health management so as to maintain the physical and mental health of our valued employees. Health indicators have the same level of importance as our safety goals.

We sincerely hope that the safety and health of employees will be greatly assured through the cooperation of all of our staff alike.


Corporate Social Responsibility Report

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